Helping Secure Your Financial Future So You Can Live the Life of Your Dreams

You’ve dreamed about the days when you’ll be truly free to spend your time however you choose. Now that this dream has become a reality, are you feeling confident in your retirement income stream?

Our Philosophy

We understand the need for a personalized approach, so we work with you to create a retirement strategy that fits your unique retirement needs—a strategy designed to help you reach your goals.

Do you ever wonder how long your retirement will last? If you’re paying too much in taxes? Or what happens if you pass away before your spouse? We can help answer those questions.

Is Your Retirement Income Secure?

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Our Services

Lifetime Income Planning

Develop a strategy to ensure reliable streams of income through your retirement.

Investment Wealth Planning

Maximize your investments while managing risks and aligning your financial goals.

Tax Planning

Analyze tax implications related to your investments and future income.

Retirement “What If” Planning

Create a comprehensive plan to prepare for the unexpected and give your loved ones peace of mind.

Legacy Planning

Ensure your assets are transferred according to your specific wishes.

The Securenet Financial Team

Steve Schneider

Steve Schneider

Chief Executive Officer

Lisa Spurlock

Lisa Spurlock

Vice President