Who We Are

At Securenet Financial we have created a team of professionals with the experience, capabilities, strengths, depth, and knowledge to provide our clients with a comprehensive and customized financial plan and have the instituted the wherewithal to execute the plan.  We’ve established a collaborative network of three distinct legal entities, all owned by founder and CEO Steve Schneider, each with its specialized unique array of investment expertise and partners.  These are all brought together and designed to offer a very competitive, modern, holistic and personalized financial strategy designed to fulfill individual client needs, now and in the future.  With this strength and depth of capabilities we compete with the biggest firms without the bureaucracy, to the benefit of our clients. 

Steve’s Story

Steve SchneiderJust like many of our remarkable clients, Steve comes from a middle-class background and possesses a lifetime of diverse experiences. High school brought Steve the joy of meeting his future wife, and by the tender age of 21, was already married and starting a family.  Juggling the responsibilities of family, education, and his first corporate job, made life a whirlwind. Sound familiar? It’s a story many Securenet Financial clients can relate to.

Thankfully, a stroke of fortune allowed Steve to pursue an advanced business degree and step into senior leadership roles in a prestigious global corporation. The experience was nothing short of extraordinary. “Like many of our clients, I started from humble beginnings, taking pride in not only supporting my family but also getting to the point where we could start saving for the future.” It was during this time that Steve first encountered financial professionals. Back then, it was common to reach out to brokers who would recommend individual stocks or mutual funds, or insurance salesmen that were introduced through friends. Unfortunately, many unsuspecting people often received advice that seemed to benefit the financial professional more than the client, Steve was no different. Often, they would have excuses for past recommendations not panning out, but assurances that the next one would… To add insult to injury, it was disheartening to discover these professionals’ received commissions or other compensation, regardless of whether their advice was truly in your best interest.

As the years went by and Steve continued his journey of leading large international corporations, he developed an intimate, deep understanding of global finance, market dynamics, and how all the puzzle pieces fit together. Naturally, this knowledge spilled over into his personal life, from investing wisely to preparing for early retirement. He grasped it all and understood how to make it work. From that point onward, he managed his own finances, which ultimately enabled a move to The Villages when he was in his forties, once his children had completed college and were standing on their own two feet, freeing he and Mary from the responsibility of supporting a family.

Driven by my fascination with markets and investments, Steve attended numerous financial presentations and events. Unfortunately, what he witnessed was astonishing: advice presented as sales pitches rather than solid investment guidance. It took him back to the early days when he first sought help from financial professionals. That’s when the thought struck him like a lightning bolt—we needed to fix this, and he could be a driving force in the community to make a change. So, Steve committed himself to the arduous work, passing government tests, undergoing extensive background checks, and becoming a true fiduciary financial professional, not merely a salesman. Steve realized his many years of global business, market expertise, and investment acumen, coupled with first hand retirement financial experience, could be leveraged to benefit his clients.  “It is precisely that I was not burdened with the industry norms which makes me uniquely better qualified to help our clients.”  He was not like many of the “30 year experienced” industry professionals still “selling.”

Steve yearned to bring something fresh to the table, making a meaningful impact in the financial world. Amidst the sea of self-serving advice and slick sales pitches, and too good to be true investments designed to line the agent or advisor’s pockets, Steve envisioned Securenet Financial as a beacon of knowledge for their clients. “Every person’s retirement journey is unique, and our goal is to guide individuals through the process, helping them navigate uncharted waters. People deserve a trustworthy partner with the experience to deliver tangible results. At Securenet Financial, that’s precisely what we offer.”

Our motives are pure; there are no hidden agendas, only an unwavering passion. A passion to share our expertise, a passion to revolutionize the industry for the better, and a passion to help you realize retirement goals that align perfectly with your aspirations, all while making a positive impact on the world.

No matter what your retirement vision entails, I can guarantee you one thing—we’ll be right there beside you, every step of the way.

The Securenet Financial Leadership Team

Steve Schneider

Steve Schneider

Chief Executive Officer

STEVE SCHNEIDER – Chief Executive Officer

Steve, a Wake Forest MBA Graduate, is not just your average financial professional. Steve has passed the FINRA Series 65 exam and is an Investment Adviser Representative, along with being a licensed Insurance and Annuity Agent. Steve has more than 30 years of global business experience that includes senior leadership positions in large public corporations, business start-ups, acquisitions, and a well-rounded set of investment skills and abilities.

Steve is the founder and owner of Securenet Financial, LLC., Pilot Financial Services, LLC. and Securenet Tax, LLC.. Steve’s diverse background and extensive business and investment acumen uniquely position him to offer comprehensive and targeted retirement financial planning solutions. Particularly in The Villages, FL area, where he proudly calls home, Steve personally assists clients navigating the transition into retirement. His clients find solace in knowing that he truly understands their needs and aspirations. His client feel comforted knowing he is one of them.

“At Securenet Financial we focus on wholistic, retirement financial planning and helping to provide clients with a “Peace of Mind” in retirement.” Steve’s unwavering dedication to helping others and his steadfast commitment to putting clients first have forged long-term, mutually beneficial relationships. He’s driven by a genuine passion to find the best financial solutions tailored to each client’s unique circumstances, with the ultimate goal of fostering trust and building lasting connections.

When Steve isn’t immersed in the world of finance, you can find him enjoying life with his wife, Mary, in The Villages. They’ve called this vibrant community home for over a decade. They have raised three wonderful children and cherish the presence of their grandchild. Steve’s interests extend beyond the realm of finance. He’s an active commercially rated pilot, a licensed aircraft mechanic, and a lover of travel, golf, and a wide range of sports. It’s no surprise that you might spot him engaging in various activities outside the office, forging connections with his clients in a whole new way.

Lisa Spurlock

Lisa Spurlock

Vice President


LISA SPURLOCK – Vice President

Lisa SpurlockLisa launched her “second career” as the Vice President of Securenet Financial LLC
because she saw a need for quality financial guidance in her hometown of The Villages, FL. She believes her strengths of compassion, honesty, and integrity are the most important values an investment professional can possess.

Lisa gained her expertise working alongside top insurance and investment companies, employee benefit consultants, wealth management firms, and RIAs. She hails from MIT Sloan School of Management, holds her Series 65, and is Florida  Life and Annuities Licensed.

Partnering her 25-years of experience with her current role, she is focusing this
career move on taking care of the people who need help with their finances. A problem solver by nature, Lisa is steadfast, detail-oriented, and honest—traits that lend well to her passion of putting clients first and helping them reach their financial peace of mind.

Lisa and her significant other have a maltipoo pup named Gazebo. She is a “foodie” and loves travel, recounting her favorite trip to the small beachside city of Sarande, Albania, which sits on the Ionian Sea.