At Securenet Financial, LLC., our approach to providing services revolves around putting our clients first and tailoring our solutions to their specific needs. We firmly believe that every retiree deserves a comprehensive and modern retirement financial plan. To fulfill this belief, we have diligently sought out and obtained world-class resources, skills, and capabilities to offer these services to our valued clients.

Our Modern Financial Plan goes beyond assessing your current financial situation, recognizing that each individual’s circumstances are unique. It provides a comprehensive outlook on your finances that extends throughout your retirement and beyond. To demonstrate our commitment to serving you, we offer a complimentary review of your existing plan with no cost or obligation. If deemed appropriate, we will propose a new, modern plan designed to meet your specific requirements.

Steve emphasizes, “Our team of dedicated professionals firmly believes that every individual in retirement should have a comprehensive written plan that safeguards against running out of money, enables them to maintain their desired standard of living, and accounts for potential ‘What If’ scenarios. This embodies the true essence of the Modern Financial Plan. Our mission is to offer such a plan to anyone who seeks it and actively engages in the process.”

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Our Process

Our well-established and proven process is designed to deliver exceptional results and ensure long-term client satisfaction. From the client perspective it is often simple, straightforward, and often an enjoyable experience.  Here is an overview of our process.



In this initial stage, the client and financial planner establish a mutual understanding of the client’s financial goals, needs, and preferences. This session serves as the foundation for the planning process.



During this phase, we conduct a thorough review of the client’s financial situation,  analyzing income, expenses, assets, and other critical aspects of the current plan. Based on this analysis and leveraging our advanced  software programs and expertise, we propose
changes to the existing plan or create a new plan. Together with the client, we develop a customized strateegy tailored to their specific goals.



Once the strategy is formulated and the client agrees on the path forward, we enter the implementation phase. Securenet Financial utilizes our experienced resources to execute the financial plan, and minimize the effort  required by the client. This phase involves various actions, like adjusting investment  portfolios, creating an estate plan, or  optimizing tax strategies to put the plan into action.



Throughout the implementation process, we maintain regular communication with the  client, providing updates on the progress of the financial plan. These updates serve as the basis for scheduled reviews, where we make any necessary adjustments to the plan based on changing circumstances.

In summary, our process involves establishing a solid foundation through an initial introduction, followed by a strategy session to create a personalized plan. We then proceed to execute the plan with the support of our experienced team and maintain ongoing communication and monitoring to ensure the plan remains aligned with the client’s goals.  Simple, straightforward, and designed to be as enjoyable as possible. 


Lifetime Income Planning:

When it comes to preparing for retirement, one of the most critical success factors is assessing one’s income needs and creating a long-term sustainable plan. Without a reliable income source, retirement can become quite challenging. Therefore, initiating the planning process at the earliest opportunity is crucial. Our approach involves a thorough evaluation of your income streams to ensure you maximize their potential. Additionally, we carefully examine your expenses to anticipate inflation and account for any potential gaps in income. By adopting this comprehensive strategy, we strive to help you achieve your dream retirement with confidence and “Peace of Mind” about your future.

Investment Wealth Planning:

Just as each person is unique, so should your investment plan be. Our comprehensive analysis takes into account your individual circumstances to tailor a plan that suits your needs. Our focus lies in striking a delicate balance between risk and reward, ensuring that you do not subject yourself to unnecessary risks during unfavorable times. Additionally, we carefully strategize the optimal sequence for accessing your hard-earned savings when required, enabling you to fully enjoy the retirement lifestyle you deserve. Through meticulous management of your investments, our aim is to maximize their potential while preserving financial flexibility, allowing you to fulfill your retirement dreams and achieve your desired objectives.

Tax Planning

Retirement income often fluctuates and that can have adverse effects on your tax burden. It is crucial to have a clear understanding of the potential tax implications related to your investments and future income, as these directly impact your monthly spending capacity. Our dedicated team of tax professionals focuses on optimizing your tax situation, ensuring that you do not pay more than necessary. We strive to identify and implement tax-efficient strategies that allow you to draw from your retirement funds in the most advantageous manner. By minimizing your tax burden and maximizing your available income, we aim to enhance your financial well-being throughout your retirement journey.

Retirement “What If” Planning

Drawing from our firsthand experience, we deeply understand the significant impact that unforeseen events can have on both you and your loved ones. Whether it’s the passing of a spouse, an accident, health emergencies, or age-related issues, these occurrences no longer have to result in financial ruin. Thankfully, modern financial planning takes these possibilities into account ahead of time, alleviating the stress that comes from dealing with these during challenging moments. “Our commitment lies in creating a comprehensive financial plan that proactively addresses various what was unforeseen expenses. By incorporating these elements into your financial plan, we aim to provide you and your loved ones with peace of mind and the necessary resources to effectively handle the unexpected.”

Legacy Planning

legacy planningWe deeply understand and respect the significance of you having the autonomy to make decisions about how your affairs are handled after your passing. We integrate this aspect into your comprehensive living plan. We recognize that this is an intensely personal decision, and our unwavering commitment is to work diligently in order to ensure that your assets are distributed according to your specific wishes and instructions. Furthermore, we are dedicated to optimizing the transfer of your assets in a tax-efficient manner, thereby minimizing any unnecessary tax burdens. With the assistance of our dedicated legal affiliates, we carefully manage the entire process, supporting you in fulfilling your desire to leave a lasting impact as you choose.