Steve Schneider announces that Securenet Financial, LLC, has stepped up and made an initial donation to Operation Shoebox and is providing limited additional matching funds for donations anyone else makes when you mention Securenet Financial while donating.

You may have noticed the article in The Villages Daily Sun newspaper highlighting Operation Shoebox’s need for help, see the following link:

Note From Steve:

Our unwavering dedication to giving back and championing remarkable causes is absolutely vital to our mission of transforming our world into a better place. Let me tell you about Operation Shoebox (, an extraordinary organization that holds a special place in our hearts. Their mission revolves around providing invaluable support to our troops deployed outside the United States. Personally, I consider this mission to be the epitome of worthiness, carried out by the most selfless, dedicated, and awe-inspiring volunteers I have ever encountered.

To make this cause even more personal, both my family and I have loved ones who have served in the military. In fact, my Mom has for countless years, volunteered at the Lake Miona Operations Shoebox sewing room, where she personally crafts heartfelt gifts for our honorable service members. The pride we feel in supporting this organization knows no bounds, and we fervently encourage everyone who can, to join us in this noble endeavor.

Let’s channel our energy, lend a helping hand, and unite in making a resounding impact through Operation Shoebox. Together, we can show our troops how deeply grateful we are for their service and ensure that their spirits remain high, no matter where they are in the world.

Let’s all work together to make a difference!!